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About Us

Steve & I2

So Cal Chimney Corporation is a family owned Christian business established in 2006. We opened the business with the goal to provide the highest level of chimney service possible. We have been well-trained and mentored by another separate Chimney Corporation that is also located here in San Diego. We have cleaned and serviced thousands of chimneys in San Diego County. We are a licensed Chimney Contractor #966066.

Chimney Service San diego County, CA

Core Values

Our core values are God, family, friends and business. Colossians 3:23 is our motto: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide the highest level of service possible with the highest integrity, ethics, and honesty. Also to provide options for customers with chimneys that are fire hazards or are not within the fire code, to advise them, and counsel them on how to protect themselves and their homes.

Catch Phrase

Inspect the uninspected.

What We Specialize In

We specialize in satisfying customers. We also specialize in custom ceramic flue resurfacing (custom relines), smoke chamber restoration, video scanning, as well as Rampart chimney repair and restoration.


All chimney repairs come with a 30 year warranty. All renovations come with a 30 year warranty.


Our number one objective in sweeping chimneys is to prevent chimney fires. Our chimney service is not matched. We want to keep you safe.

Why Chimney Care is Important

The number one reason for chimney care is to prevent malfunctions in the system and to prevent chimney fires and you continually ensure that the chimney is suitable to be used at all times. (All the NFPA minimum requirement is an annual inspection.)

The Chimney Sweep Process

This is a 10 step process (we attach separate attachment for this) tips brochure


Why does the chimney smoke?

The chimney smoke because usually it hasn’t been cleaned or serviced in a long time and there is a lot of turbulence in there because of soot or creosote or the grate is pulled too far forward in the fireplace (that happens a lot) or the damper is not opened all the way (or not at all) or there is some kind of obstruction in the chimney itself.

How do we light the fire easily?

See “how to safely enjoy your home fire”

What kind of wood burns the best?

The best words to burn are hardwoods. Any hardwood will burn the longest and generate the maximum amount of heat and it will also tend to not soot up the chimney as easily as softer words that have a high degree of sap or moisture.

How do I keep birds from coming into the top of the chimney?

By putting a listed spark arrester on top of the chimney. A spark arrestor has a lid that is attached to the top of the termination. It prevents rain from coming down the chimney, prevents sparks from coming out of your chimney onto your roof or the roof your neighbors, and it prevents birds as well as other rodents from coming into the system gaining access to the house.

Yearly Maintenance Plans

Yearly maintenance plans are just a scheduling process for having the chimney inspected on an annual basis per the NFPA minimum standards. Your homeowners association insurance will require an inspection for any appliance that vents heat. This doesn’t have to be the chimney necessarily. It could be dryer vents, hot water heater, etc. Anything that is venting heat needs to have an annual inspection to check for suitability and make sure nothing is malfunctioning. This doesn’t mean that the system needs to be cleaned; it just needs to be inspected to make sure things are operating the way they are designed to.


We provide/perform:
SoCal Chimney Corporation provides a myriad of services. Our number one main chimney service is sweeping and inspecting chimneys. From that inspection we may find that the chimney needs other services. For example, the gas line may need to be replaced, the great may need to be replaced, any hardware in the fireplace including artificial logs sets.

  • heat shields for customers if they want to generate more heat out of the fireplace
  • waterproofing on the outside of masonry chimneys
  • masonry work such as crown coding to crowns, making repairs on concrete and filling in mortar cracks on the outside of chimneys to prevent water and moisture from coming into the system and doing severe damage on the inside and the outside of the chimney
  • spark caps, spark arresters, custom spark arrestors, galvanized spark arrestors, stainless steel spark arrestors and copper spark arrestors
  • service chase covers
  • sheet-metal work
  • custom ceramic relines, smoke chamber restoration and repairs and Rampart chimney restoration and repairs
  • video scans of every chimney
  • clean dryer vents
  • clean and service freestanding stove
  • service inserts
  • pull inserts for service and check them for suitability and make sure they were installed properly and are up to code

From time to time we receive requests to clean out rain gutters and we provide that service as long as they are accessible.

All the chimney service work that SoCal Chimney Corporation does is really based on what the codes in California (the UPC code) are for chimneys, dryer vents, and stoves.